Kirk Cousins, no-trade waiver: Focused on Bears, nothing else worth my time

With the Vikings 1-4 and looking at at least four games without wide receiver Justin Jefferson, there’s another round of conversation about whether quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​can play on the trade market.

Relatives will have a big say in whether that conversation is still substantial. He has a no-trade clause, so any move would have to come with his approval, and there’s been no indication that Cousins ​​wants to leave Minnesota in the final year of his contract.

On Wednesday, Cousins ​​was asked if he could envision a time when he waived that clause to facilitate a deal with another team. Cousins ​​said he’s thinking about this week’s game against the Bears.

“You know I am Very attentive The Bears and going 1-0 this week, nothing else is worth my time or energy or attention,” Cousins ​​said, via Kevin Seifert of

Accepting a trade means Cousins ​​will have to learn a new offense on the fly while positioning himself for free agency this offseason. A great question Although the Vikings season seems to be going in the wrong direction. Any team acquiring him would have to meet the compensation the Vikings wanted, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone in that market right now.

This weekend’s injury could change that, but it won’t do anything about Cousins’ feelings about staying on course in Minnesota and planning his next steps come the offseason.

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