Kevin Bacon performs Beyoncé’s play with her goats

I definitely wasn’t expecting to open Twitter today for a video of Kevin Bacon jamming Beyonce With his goats – but here we go.

Kevin posted the clip earlier this afternoon, showing him playing the ukulele and performing a cover of the song “Heated” from Beyoncehis new album, Renaissance, where he and his goats were cold outside. random? yes. But Phoebe? Yes too.

Kevin wrote in a caption to the video, “Hot day, hot song. Me and the goats are getting hot,Beyonce” before adding that he loves “that track.” check it out:

Hot day, hot song. The goats and I are feeling hot, Beyonce. I love this track. #GoatSongs #Renaissance

Twitter: @kevinbacon

(You can listen to the original song over here Because it’s more exciting.)

And apparently, this is nothing new! I looked at his social media and there are a lot of videos of him performing with his goats. Like, the whole thing:

Great track, Harry_Styles, but I think I have some advice for you on jewelry. # ghats

Twitter: @kevinbacon

It’s just another reason he’s standing up, TBH.

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