Kanye West killed and buried Beat Davidson in the ‘Easy’ video

Kanye West takes his beef to a new level with Beat Davidson.

Yeh introduced the animated video for his collaboration “The Easy” with The Game. In the dark and deadly clip, the clay version of Yay kidnaps someone similar to Pete Davidson. He put a bag on his head and tied him to the back of the bike. He then drags Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend’s body into the grave and plants rose seeds on top of him.

“God saved me from that accident / so I could hit Pete Davidson’s ass,” says the rapper, who can be seen walking with his head severed.

Later, he can be seen driving a truck full of roses Presented flowers Kim to Valentine’s Day.

The final message reads, “Everyone lived happily ever after.” “Except Skate You know who. “

Then he says, “JK he’s fine.”

The Los Angeles judge released the video in a few minutes Kim declared himself legally lonely In the midst of her divorce from the West.

In a recent interview with NORE’s “Drink Champs” podcast, Cam said yes. Did much for him Than Dr. Doctor. “You’re done more for me than Trey has done for me in the last two weeks,” said Cam, who works on his new album. Trilmatic.

Last week, Yeh was released Tonda 2 Exclusively on his stem player.

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