Kaitlin Clark women's basketball live updates

Only 39 points separate us Caitlin Clark From the history of women's college basketball.

Clark is within a manageable distance (especially for her) of breaking Kelsey Bloom's record. She'll have to do it Road against Nebraska, which ripped off a 38-point lead during a 92-73 win on January 27. That started the current four-game winning streak for No. 2 Iowa (22-2).

Bloom, who starred at Washington from 2013-17, has held the record since surpassing Jackie Stiles' previous mark of 3,393 points in 2017. Bloom did so in stunning fashion, scoring 57 points against Utah during the Huskies' last regular season . Match for the 2016-2017 season.

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Kaitlin Clark knows what Iowa State needs to win this game.

The Hawkeyes had their way with Nebraska early, only for the Huskers to fight their way back. They trail by just four points, 39-35, before halftime.

“We're not playing with enough energy,” Clark said as she left the court. “I think we need to get our energy back a little bit.” Iowa State loves to run, and Nebraska has had success slowing the game down. Clark said she believes if Iowa pushes the tempo more and improves ball movement, the game will be more impressive for the Hawkeyes.

Watch Kaitlyn Clark: 22 points to break the record

Well, it looks like Caitlin Clark isn't the only shooter on the floor in this game.

Nebraska's Jay Shealy makes sure Clark doesn't get all the attention, making 3 of 5 attempts from long range to lead Nebraska with 11 points and keep the Huskers within striking distance. Nebraska and Iowa have both hit four 3-pointers.

But again, the difference is in turnovers, as Iowa turned eight Nebraska turnovers into 12 points. Nebraska was able to score just five points off of seven Iowa turnovers.

But there were a lot of positive signs for Nebraska in the first half. The Huskers have outscored Iowa State's bench 13-2, won the rebounding battle 21-20, and have only put Iowa on the line three times. If they can keep Clarke in check in the second half — she had 17 points but hit 15 shots — they might be able to pull off the upset.

(Another) milestone for Caitlin Clark!

No no Which One. But it is important nonetheless. With a low rebound pass to Kate Martin, Clark recorded the 1,000th assist of her career. She is only the sixth player in NCAA women's basketball to reach this mark.

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Clark's recording is getting the most attention. clearly. With 17 points so far against Nebraska, she needs just 22 to pass Kelsey Bloom as the all-time scoring leader in women's basketball. But she is very dangerous because not only does she create her own shot, she sets up her teammates as well.

Her five assists against the Huskers — so far — come three days after she had 15 assists against Penn State.

It's become every match Kaitlin Clark plays, whether at home or on the road It happened. Her father would like to see that be the case for every player's games.

Brent Clark told FOX Sports sideline reporter Allison Williams during the second quarter that it was “really humbling” to see all the fans lined up hours before tipoff waiting to see his daughter. But he said the interest was justified.

“This is what every sporting event should be like,” Brent Clark said. “Women's basketball is great.”

Watch Kaitlyn Clark: 29 points to break the record.

Nebraska seems eager to make things difficult for Clark today. Although Clark knocked down a 3 to give her 10 points, the Huskers get physical with her anytime she drives the lane, and they've run over her enough that she's missed some easy looks at the rim (and in typical Clark fashion, she lets the officials know she's not happy about it Connection).

Meanwhile, Hannah Stolke continues her hot streak for Iowa State, already scoring seven points on 3-of-4 shooting. She also grabbed three rebounds.

Nebraska efforts 'not good enough'

Despite trailing by just three after the first quarter, Nebraska coach Amy Williams said her team's defensive effort was “not good enough.” The problem, Williams said, is that Iowa State gets too many touches in the paint. Credit Clarke though. With the Huskers closing in on her on the outside, she fed Hannah Stulke and Sydney Affolter, who were able to score inside.

Watch Kaitlyn Clark: 32 points to break the record.

It wasn't a bad quarter by Nebraska, though, as Iowa converted four Cornhusker turnovers into six points, while Nebraska did nothing with Iowa's three turnovers. Iowa State also dominates points in the paint at 12-4. That trend is likely to continue with Nebraska's Markowski on the bench due to foul trouble. Markowski has a team-high four points and five rebounds as well, so Nebraska will miss her on both ends.

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Oof. Nebraska's Alexis Markowski picked up her second foul and there were still roughly five minutes remaining in the first quarter. Upsetting Iowa State, even at home, was always going to be a tough ask for the Huskers. Iowa State has won its last nine games against Nebraska, and the Huskers haven't beaten a top-25 team so far this season, let alone the No. 2 team in the country. But to have any chance, Nebraska needs a big game from Markowski, who is averaging a double-double. It will be difficult if she has to spend long periods on the bench.

First, the update everyone is interested in: Kaitlyn Clarke is now just 34 points away from breaking the record.

I already had five points after a 3 (of course) and a great layup.

Many people thought she would hold off on breaking the record today so she could do so at home versus Michigan on Thursday — something that die-hard Hawkeye fans will certainly appreciate — but Clark has always had her way with Nebraska. This may be difficult to stop.

In case you were wondering, as you see all the black and gold in the stands, Iowa City and Lincoln aren't exactly close.

To what extent? There are just over 300 miles between schools, which means about a 4.5 hour drive. But Iowa fans have been well-traveled all season, and the road trip won't dissuade die-hards from seeing their favorite player go down in history. On TV, FOX Sports' Allison Williams said she spoke to several parents in the stands whose kids wanted one thing for Christmas: tickets to see Caitlin Clark.

Iowa vs. Nebraska: Time, TV for Hawkeyes-Cornhuskers

The women's college basketball game between the No. 2 Iowa Hawkeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers is scheduled to begin at 1pm in Lincoln, Nebraska. It will air on FOX, with Jason Benetti and Kim Adams as anchors. It can be a game too Found on Fubo And flow on Fox Sports Live.

As Iowa State's star Kaitlyn Clark continues to climb the scoring charts — the senior guard is just 39 points away from becoming the all-time scoring leader in NCAA women's basketball — and fans come out in droves to see her, a question is starting to percolate in… Basketball for women. Basketball circles.

Can Clarke make the Paris Olympic team?

There is a precedent for recent graduates to play for the senior national team in the Olympic Games shortly after they graduate. But the schedule doesn't work in Clark's favor, especially if she leads Iowa to the Final Four.

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You've probably heard by now that Iowa All-American outfielder Caitlin Clark, the reigning National Player of the Year, tends to sell out tickets at any stadium, whether at home or on the road. But to take a closer look at #Clarkonomics – as an ESPN analyst It was called Debbie Antonelli -USA TODAY reporter Jim Sergent put together a graphic representation of how much Iowa State fans will spend and how far they will travel to see Clark in person. The numbers open eyes.

When she breaks the scoring record — whether it's today against Nebraska or at home Thursday against Michigan — Kaitlyn Clark will likely do so by shooting a lot of long 3s. Attempts from the logo became her specialty.

But in the beginning, Iowa State coach Lisa Bluder admitted, it was difficult to give Clark a lot of freedom. And the star had to earn it. Now, like Warriors guard Steph Curry, Clark has a “separate set of rules.”

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Kaitlyn Clark has 3,489 career points (and counting!) after scoring 27 points in Iowa State's 111-93 win over Penn State on Thursday.

Here are details on Clark's goals this season with the Hawkeyes:

  • vs. Penn State 2/8/24: 27 points
  • At Maryland, 3/2/24: 38 points
  • At Northwestern, 1/31/24: 35 points
  • vs. Nebraska 1/27/2024: 38 points
  • At Ohio State, 1/21/2024: 45 points (season high)
  • vs. Wisconsin 1/16/2024: 32 points
  • vs. Indiana 1/13/2024: 30 points
  • In Bordeaux 10/1/2024: 26 points
  • At Rutgers 5/1/2024: 29 points
  • vs. Michigan State 2/1/2024: 40 points
  • vs. Minnesota 12/30/2023: 35 points
  • vs. Loyola Chicago 12/21/2023: 35 points
  • vs. Cleveland State 12/16/2023: 38 points
  • At Wisconsin 10/12/2023: 28 points
  • vs. Iowa State 6/12/2023: 35 points
  • vs. Bowling Green 2/12/2023: 24 points
  • vs. Kansas State 11/26/2023: 32 points
  • vs. Florida Gulf Coast 11/25/2023: 21 points
  • vs. Purdue Fort Wayne 11/24/2023: 29 points
  • vs. Drake 11/19/2023: 35 points
  • vs. Kansas State 11/16/2023: 24 points
  • At the university 12/11/2023: 24 points
  • vs. Virginia Tech 9/11/2023: 44 points
  • vs. FDU, 6/11/2023: 28 points

Clark's highest-scoring game came on Jan. 21, when she scored 45 points over Ohio State. Clark shot 12-for-25 in that game, including 7-for-18 from 3-point range. She also had three rebounds and seven assists in the 100-92 loss.

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