Justin Wong releases his list of the best fighting games of all time

As of the end of 2023

In the entire fighting game community, there are very few people, if anyone, who can stand up to the success across so many games/franchises that Justin Wong It has for the past two decades.

The multi-titled champion has compiled and released his new tier list, which ranks what he believes are the best fighting games ever released as of the end of 2023.

Instead of starting with his expected picks from Capcom entries, Justin goes back to some Namco classics by putting Soul Calibur 2 and the original Tekken Tag Tournament at the top of the list that most of us probably won’t have a problem with.

Marvel vs. Capcom games obviously go up there as well for Wong, but his highest Street Fighter rating is of course Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Vanilla Street Fighter 5 ends up in the trash tier while Champion Edition is a little higher, and Street Fighter 6 is the last edition to rank – so you’ll have to see their explanation of where they put it.

Some of his other picks may spark a bit of debate among some fans such as Guilty Gear Strive, the original Street Fighter 2, the original Tekken, King of Fighters ’94, the Injustice games, Mortal Kombat 11, and the first Killer Instinct although others should. There will probably be something like Street Fighter 1 and SVC Chaos.

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We did something similar a few years ago, so you can go back and take a look at EventHubs’ staff fighting game tier list from the 2000s here as well.

There are a lot of titles to check out, so you can check out Justin Wong’s full tier list below as well as his video explaining many of his picks.

Image of Justin Wong's Best Fighting Games Tier List #1

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