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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A tumultuous week for the Bears ended Sunday with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the charter franchise so poorly that they might want to consider closing up shop.

A 41-10 defeat at Arrowhead Stadium doesn’t do Sunday justice. The Chiefs punted on their opening possession but scored on the next seven to take a 41-0 lead.

Mahomes played just two and a half quarters, long enough to ensure Travis Kelce scored a touchdown with his new girlfriend Taylor Swift in the crowd.

The Bears were pathetic on Sunday, which could be very nice.

Here’s the Bears’ Week 3 report card, where one group fared worse than the rest:

Pass the offense

Justin Fields said he wants to say “F it” and play for free on Sunday. Maybe the Bears’ staff didn’t change the game plan, or maybe Fields just broke, but either way, the offense was a devastating disaster on Sunday in Kansas City.

In a game in which the Bears were hounded for 45-plus minutes, Fields went just 11-for-22 for 99 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Fields keeps holding the ball too long, the offensive line is terrible, and the scheme does nothing to mitigate the group’s weaknesses.

Rotten things.

Field grade: F
Grade: F

Hasty crime

One thing the 2022 Bears did well was run the football.

This team can’t even stay on the floor consistently.

The Bears did some nice things in the running game to start Sunday’s contest, but they couldn’t keep it going and had to give up the run for the most part after halftime.

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Fields rushed 11 times for 47 yards, while Roshon Johnson and Khalil Herbert rushed 15 times for 69 yards.

Did I mention the offensive line stinks?

Grade: F

Pass defense

I don’t want to be too hard on a unit that had already lost Eddie Jackson and Kyler Gordon before losing Jaylon Johnson and Tyreek Stevenson in the first half.

As you might expect, Mahomes has lit the Bears’ mix on fire secondary.

With no pass rush to speak of, the Bears didn’t have much of a chance to stop Mahomes from ripping them apart while barely breaking a sweat.

Grade: F

Run defense

The Bears’ front four is an abomination. With the exception of Andrew Billings, none of them have been able to do anything substantial through three games.

Linebackers Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards have done a good job of cleaning up the mess, which is all it takes for two top-tier linebackers without a consistent force in front of them to eat blocks.

Isiah Pacheco and Clyde Edwards-Helaire found little resistance from the Bears front, combining to rush for 117 yards and two touchdowns.

Wow, Wow.

Grade: F


Can I give less than an F? We will do something.

Look, the Bees are supposed to lose to the Chiefs. One team is the defending champion, and the other is working to defend its title as the league’s doormat.

But the fact that this Bears team — a team that spent significant money and draft capital on talented players this offseason — looks worse than last year’s unit is a complete indictment of the entire coaching staff.

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There were no answers and no adjustments. Players are not put in a position to succeed on both sides of the football.

A lot of that starts with questionable roster construction, but in terms of the game-day process, the Bears’ staff absolutely vomited on themselves on Sunday and throughout the first three weeks.

Grade: F-

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