Just stop the oil protester who was attacked by the angry motorist in London


July 20, 2023 | 11:49 a.m

An angry motorist is filmed Attack on a Just Stop Oil protester in Londonafter “going slow” in protest reportedly blocked traffic, causing a pregnant woman to crash her car.

Video of the incident posted online by the controversial group showed a man wearing a red hat punching a protester and knocking him to the ground before kicking him in the head.

The man is seen arguing furiously with another interfering person, before returning to a damaged silver Mercedes with his distressed female companion.

The car appears to have been hit on the rear driver’s side by a truck while attempting to change lanes.

Just Stop Oil said one of its supporters “was assaulted while demanding no new oil and gas”.

An angry motorist has punched a Just Stop Oil member after a slow-moving traffic-blocking driver crashes her car.
A video of the incident posted online showed a man wearing a red hat punching a protester and knocking him to the ground.

“Daniel was assaulted while walking this morning and remained non-violent the entire time,” the group wrote. “Disturbance is difficult, but necessary.”

The group then posted an interview with the man who was suckling the back of his head with a can of frozen peas.

“He would rather the police spend their time investigating CEOs and politicians to push for more oil and gas than go after the man who assaulted him,” wrote Just Stop Oil.

“Physically I feel a little better,” he said in the video.

The car appears to have been hit on the rear driver’s side by a truck while attempting to change lanes.

“If anything I feel a little sad… Because I didn’t say anything to the police, I don’t plan on that, but I’m afraid the police will go ahead and you know, go after this guy. I don’t feel bad or ill-will towards him. It’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in and it’s bound to be frustrating. I can tell that with everything that was going on, he had just been in a car accident too, he was very tense.”

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Daniel said that if the police should be going after “the people at the top in government or the heads of fossil fuel companies who are killing us, they are killing future generations and funding this toxic media space that is creating a certain violent world that we all live in.”

He said, “If the police had spent any amount of time going after them instead of people like the man before, I would be much happier.”

Just Stop Oil said one of its supporters “was assaulted while demanding no new oil and gas”.

The Metropolitan Police in London have been contacted for comment.

Commenting on the incident, Sky News host Piers Morgan attacked the protesters, calling them “total moves”.

Where exactly is the law? Morgan said. “I can empathize with the anger someone feels when they are trying to get through the day to get to a hospital appointment.”

“Daniel was assaulted while walking this morning and remained nonviolent the entire time,” Just Stop Oil wrote. “Disturbance is difficult, but necessary.”

Some have previously accused the police of siding with the protesters against the taxpayers.

In May, an angry motorist He was arrested He was handcuffed by officers after pushing an activist to the ground on Blackfriars Bridge.

“You’re a king attacking people,” said one of the officers during the videotaped struggle.

But a bystander tells the officers to “give the guy a break, he’s just trying to get to work.”

The Metropolitan Police later said the man had been taken into custody, but no arrest had been made.

“We fully understand the frustration and anger of London communities when demonstrators slowly walk the roads,” said the police.

“We urge people not to get involved and let the police deal with the situation which, if not already there, will arrive immediately.”

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Climate activists from groups including Just Stop Oil have sparked widespread public backlash across Europe in recent months with their highly destructive environmental protests, blocking traffic, defacing priceless works of art and disrupting sporting events.

Tensions with motorists were often running high, as there were many incidents of protesters being dragged off the road and manhandled by fed up members of the public.

On Monday, another driver was seen arguing with members of Just Stop Oil, as around 200 people took part in rallies to stop traffic around London at 14 different locations.

The man is shown arguing furiously with another person who steps in to intervene.

One disillusioned man, who was traveling down Marylebone Road near Westminster, was on his end when he began to drag the marchers away.

Police said they had arrested 21 people for taking part in the disorder.

They were arrested for violating Article 12 of the updated Public Order Law, which was recently strengthened to crack down on protesters disrupting traffic.

Sky News host Piers Morgan called the protesters “total protesters”.

Earlier this week, a woman was in Germany withdraw photographed Climate demonstrator out of the way of poetry.

Activists from the Letzte Generation – “the last generation” – were blocking a road in Bottrop.

Police in Recklinghausen said the activist sustained minor injuries in the altercation.

Police said they are investigating videos and photos of the incident to determine whether criminal action is necessary against those who dragged the protesters off the road.

They also said that climate activists have been detained.

Some members of the German group made a habit of sticking their hands to the road so as not to be removed physically.

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