Junji Ito is a guest artist on the Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexia set

Wizards of the Coast has invited legendary Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito back for more Magic: The Gathering card art. next A limited-time secret stash drop in OctoberIto was once again exploited for Phirixia: All will be onefirst set for 2023. The Wizards made the announcement on Tuesday during Broadcast weekly streaming on MTG.

Photo: Wizards of the Coast

Ito is as well known for his intricate calligraphic work as he is for his frightening themes. The first of these new pieces shown is a card called Elish Norn, Mother of Machines – A 4/7 legendary creature that awakens and releases additional abilities from permanents. It shows the praetor Phyrexian in a menacing pose, his head down and his arms raised in an almost savage pose. Phyrexians are non-humanoid game of flesh and metal, and they are unique for having their own An in-game language that few can decipher. Phirixia: All will be one So it’s an excellent playground for Ito, as the setting leans into aspects of body transformation and body horror.

This group, set to launch on February 10, will feature 10 jet-setters in all, Magic said in a press release. In addition to the traditional booster and Collector’s packagesAnd the All will be one It will also include new command decks – spoiling effect (white/black/green) f rebellion uprising (Red/White) – And three extra drops from the Secret Lair. Jumpstart Boosters He will return too.

Also new to this version is a special treatment of raised chips, which Wizards call an “oil slick”. You can see more examples of the cure along with all the other cards revealed in today’s stream.

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