Jordan Peele’s Next Movie for Christmas 2024 – The Hollywood Reporter

Jordan Peele’s next feature is shaping up, with Universal dating the director’s project for Christmas 2024.

The fourth untitled film directed by the Academy Award winner will arrive on December 25, 2024. Additionally, a horror film from Peele’s Monkey Paw banner will arrive on September 27, 2024, Universal announced Monday morning.

Disney is probably a box office giant Avatar 3 It is dated days before Peele’s next movie, on December 20, 2024. No details or any other details about Peele’s fourth movie have been revealed.

Peele made a name for himself in the world of comedy before pursuing a dramatic career path in which he became a prominent director thanks to Get outthe 2017 film that won him an Oscar for original screenplay. Get out It was a rare horror feature to be a serious contender for its awards, as it was also nominated for Best Picture, Director and Actor for star Daniel Kaluuya.

Bill followed with we (2019) and last year no, Third collaboration between Peele, Blumhouse, and Universal.

In an era when it’s harder than ever to get audiences into theaters and where franchises and sequels dominate the landscape, Peele is one of the few filmmakers who can get an original idea in theaters — and his name alone is a draw for audiences. Bell is in the midst of a rich five-year deal that he signed with Universal in 2019.

Get out It grossed $255.4 million worldwide, with we Bringing in 256.2 million dollars and no Withdrawing 171.2 million dollars. Horror, the kind that broke out Get outis also one of the few genres outside of superheroes that can currently be relied upon to pull at the box office.

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“Everyone was saying that movie theaters as we know them might be gone — for me, the theatrical experience is everything. It’s my connection to myself and others in so many ways and it’s taught me to love movies,” Bill Tell the The New York Times last year. “So I just wanted to make a movie that people have to go to the theater to see.”

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