Jodi Turner-Smith is breaking her silence on Joshua Jackson's divorce

Jodie Turner-Smith has broken her silence following her divorce from Joshua Jackson.

In an interview with the UK timesThe British actress and model, who posted on Sunday, addressed her filing for divorce from the actor in October 2023.

“Sometimes, the things we really want to work don't end up working out. That's okay,” Turner-Smith said. “The most important thing is to choose what's healthiest for you, your family, and certainly your kids.”

the Queen and Slim The star went on to explain, “There are so many different moments in our lives where we look at ourselves and say, 'Who am I and am I being honest about this?' If the answer is no, then you need to move because I believe there are visible scars from staying in places that are not right for us. “It doesn't just affect us, it affects everyone around us.”

Turner-Smith and Jackson married in 2019 and have a 3-year-old daughter. Although she is now separated, the actress asserts: “I don’t think it was a failure. We obviously had a lovely moment together. And now it's time for a new moment for both of us. How exciting! The bravest thing in the world is to admit when something isn't working and take action, and I always want to set that kind of example for my daughter. The big takeaway is that this is about as much love and joy as it always has been. “It’s just about taking a step forward towards a better life for everyone involved.”

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Following news of their divorce, Turner-Smith noted that she does not care about speculation and gossip and considers responding to “everything people say and people's opinions” to be a “losing battle.”

“At the end of the day, I'm not the only person in the world going through a divorce. There are millions of people in the world going through what I'm going through, and that's the amazing thing about the internet, and sometimes a community can give you,” she said.

As for what the future holds romantically, Turner-Smith said this represents a “sensitive time” and she is simply focused on her daughter. “I'm a single mother and it's unbelievable. Now is a sensitive time, a good time for me to focus on her. I enjoy not having to focus on the man. Men take up so much space!”

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