Jennifer Garner shares how she celebrated her 50th birthday

he is Jennifer Garner Really beautiful as it looks? Yes – but it’s not Just which – which.

in meeting with Town and Country About her work with the humanitarian organization Save the Children, Garner, 50, spoke about the perception that she is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities. The Juno The star, 50, admitted, “I don’t have a reason to be nice. My life is beautiful.” After just because especially Cute doesn’t mean that’s the only trait you recognize.

“I’m not always just cute,” Nick name Follow the alum. “I can also be salty, and I can be a little talkative, or I can be really serious about what I want to accomplish. It’s not that I feel underestimated in this way — I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and say, ‘Just you know, this won’t fly’ With me.” When that happens, I don’t want you to be shocked because I’m a real person.”

One way Garner said she was a real person? She celebrated her fiftieth birthday with a lavish party.

“I had a wedding to myself,” she said. “I was so shocked that I was doing this.” Of course, she then puts her guests “to work” filling backpacks with food for charity Ladder in a backpack.

The 13 Go on 30 The star shared that when it comes to planning her future in Hollywood, she’s not “that ambitious.” Although she will star next in TV series produced by Reese Witherspoon The last thing he said to mebased on the book of the same name, doesn’t feel it “deserves some sort of accolade” in the industry.

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“I played it somewhat differently,” she told the magazine. “How lucky I am to have been able to work all this time and raise a family? It’s more that work really comes from a place of love. I love being with a crew. I love being part of a crew. And I love when I’m on set. It’s different than any Elsewhere. It’s only mine.”

When Garner isn’t working hard on set or with one of her charities, the mother of three shares inspiring wisdom on Instagram. In April, just before her 50th birthday in the same month, she posted a little “Wisdom from My Mom.”

“Happiness is your own responsibility. The life you live while you wait for the degree, college, job, man, is your actual life,” she wrote. On her Instagram Stories at the time. Decide to enjoy it and work for your peace and contentment.

The star also dropped some gems about beauty and old age interview with july Harper’s Bazaar.

“My advice to beauty is always the same: Look in the mirror less, obsess less, and look at the rest of the world to see what you could use your time for instead,” she said. “We all look more in our faces than people are used to, and it doesn’t do you any good. You’re obsessed with changes or how to fix something on your face.”

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