Jeff Jarrett fan ‘Sweat Equity’ for launching AEW Fight Forever Video Game

Whenever we see Jeff Jarrett inside the AEW ring, he only thinks of himself. The “Last Outlaw” is only concerned with taking the necessary steps to achieve the worst reputation and greatest reward for himself.

Although when he’s behind the scenes as AEW’s Director of Business Development, “Double J” is focused on growing the company’s brand in various areas. Now with the release of “AEW: Fight Forever,” the promotion is finally expanding into console games, which has been a high priority area since the beginning.

During the last version of His podcast “My World”Jarrett expressed his feelings about the new video game and all the hard work that went into creating it. He shared that he experienced similar feelings when TNA first entered the gaming arena as well. While not as familiar as people like Aubrey Edwards, who previously worked on the games, or avid fans like Adam Cole, Evil Uno or Miro, the Hall of Famer is totally excited about the release.

“Watching all the talent tweet and post on Instagram takes me back to the early days of TNA when we got our first gaming deal and anticipation,” he said. “Kenny Omega at the top, I know there’s a lot to be fair with the people who put their hard work into this game. Hats off to all of them. It’s such a milestone in the licensing world… I’m so excited for so many people, the OGs in AEW who’ve been here since day one They scratch and scratch and grind. The stutter, the blip, the workflow begins. There’s a lot that goes into that… “Forever” is a milestone and hopefully one of many, many releases into the gaming world for the brand.”

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Since its release on June 29, fans have been diving into “Fight Forever” in full force. Some are disappointed by the major omissions from the roster, but the Create-A-Wrestler mode is enough to satisfy some gamers until more DLC becomes available.

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