Jason Blumhouse, James One’s Atomic Beast in Merger Talks – Deadline

Prolific horror producers Jason Blum And the James Wan It is in advanced talks to merge its production companies Bloom House And the Atomic monsterthe deadline can be confirmed.

If the merger does happen, Atomic Monster would benefit from the first-look deal with Universal Pictures that Blumhouse is currently in, having hammered out its own deal with Warner Bros. Pictures. during summer. The companies are expected to continue to operate as separate labels, with each retaining its own creative autonomy and brand identity.

The alliance is expected to increase the companies’ co-productions, with Atomic Monster leveraging Blumhouse’s existing infrastructure to expand its activities across the areas of film, television and new content including games, live experiences and audio.

Blumhouse is known on the film side for its horror franchises incl Paranormal activityAnd the CleansingAnd the HalloweenAnd the Happy death dayAnd the splitAnd the OuijaAnd the UnfriendedAnd the The Exorcist And the evil. Bloomhouse has already had a full year on the horror front which is really starting black phone Starring Ethan Hawke, which grossed $159 million worldwide on a budget of $22 million. They also declined recently The end of Halloween, the latest chapter in their rebooted series about the classic horror franchise. The movie set streaming records for Peacock and just grossed $100 million at the global box office.

Meanwhile, Atomic Monster is known for her work in movie series like Sorcery, insidious And the saw. The companies have collectively made more than $11.6 billion worldwide since 2004, with horror projects making up nearly $8.5 billion of that total. Wan, as director, counts the highest-grossing DC movie of all time in his cinematic history, aquaman, Which made more than 1.1 billion dollars. He runs the sequel, aquaman: the lost kingdom, Which is due at Christmas next year.

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The New York Times was first to report on the conversations between Bloom and Wan. It comes ahead of the January 6, 2023 release of the international horror-thriller M3ganproduced by both companies. Directed by Gerard Johnston from a screenplay by Akeelah Cooper, which was based on the story of Cooper and Wan.

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