James Holzhauer Ding’s “Danger!” Producers as season 40 continues amid strikes – deadline

James Holzhauer takes aim Danger! Producers having announced that the show’s 40th season will continue amid writers’ strike.

the Danger! Champion took to social media to call out the producers of the game show after Executive Producer Michael Davies revealed at Inside Jeopardy! podcast that the new season will recycle questions and contestants from the past.

“If you don’t have time to listen, here’s the executive summary of today’s announcement,” Holzhauer Posted on Xformerly known as Twitter.

The game show winner then cited the seemingly conflicting comments from Davies, adding, “1:00-2:00: Jeopardy writers are invaluable and we couldn’t produce the show without them. 2:00-15:00: Here’s how to produce the next season without them.” .”

during the latest episode of Inside Jeopardy!Davies said at the top of the podcast that he was a fan of the show’s writers and missed it.

They are beloved members and residents of the Danger! team, just as they value every other member of our team,” he said before listing all departments on the show. “This is truly a family that made this show and they’ve been through a lot together over the past few years. And the respect that everyone has for one another is a wonderful thing about this show. And I think it shows on the air.”

After the first two minutes of acknowledging the writers as Holzhauer on his social media post, Davies goes on to explain how Season 40 will progress amid the writers’ strike.

Davies said that the “original plan” for Season 40 was to “extend the post-season” which would include several tournaments that would have lasted about 15-16 weeks.

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“The entire staff is committed to producing the best episodes possible,” said the EP. “But I understand that the best episodes possible, are the ones that feature our writers writing original material, and the best contestants, because we always have that original material on the air.”

Davies said he realized that the postseason with the Tournament of Champions would have to be delayed until the writers came back “and are able to write the original material the tournament deserves.”

“So we decided we really needed to reinvite and generally give a second chance to players who might have thought their chance to come back and play on the Alex Trebek stage is gone forever. So we will open the season with a second chance tournament for players from Season 37, who lost their initial match, and the winners will advance from This leads to a wildcard for the Season 37 and Season 38 champions,” Davis said of Season 40.

The producer said it would all culminate in the Tournament of Champions. Another change for the new season is that new prices for second and third place will take effect from the new season meaning second place will receive $3,000 and third place will receive $2,000.

“Because I have no idea when this is going to end when all of this could happen,” Davies added. “It’s hard for me now to predict what’s going to happen with season 40 after season, what’s going to happen during season 41. I’ve been adamant that I want to do it at the same time. Every year. I’ve had one year of actually doing it and it’s derailed.” So we will try to get back on track. This is my plan. This is my promise.”

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