J Lo and Ben Affleck do Sunday night together even though they live apart

JLo and Ben Affleck

Have Sunday Funday…together!!!

What are marital problems???

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck They seem to say they’re all good, marital-wise – even though they don’t live under the same roof, they spent most of Sunday together… and they look like a happy couple.

The apparently estranged couple met up on Sunday in Santa Monica, where they showed up to support JLo’s baby girl, Emme, at a school event. Jen Garner also appeared with Finn, as Ben and Jen’s child is very close to Amy.

Anyway, things got even more interesting when they left Santa Monica — Ben was smiling behind the wheel, and Jennifer was in his passenger seat, as they headed out…apparently to have dinner together at BOA Steakhouse in WeHo.

Of course, they were photographed leaving the diner as well… which isn’t shocking. BOA is an L.A. restaurant where all the celebrities know the dots will be taking their photo.

If Jen and Ben really want alone time, they can stay at BOA restaurant in Santa Monica — same menu, but with less attention.

As we reported… Ben has been living in Brentwood in a house he rents, while Jennifer continues to live in the $60 million Bev Hills mansion they bought together.

We also told you that Ben didn’t wear his wedding ring during Friday’s outing, but he had it Back on Saturday Outside his rented house.

Whatever happened before BA’s departure, he and JLo seemed to put it all on the back burner on Sunday. Whether it prompts them to get back together… 🤷🏽‍♂️

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