It Took 48 Hours, But Asus Mass Router Outage Mystery Is Solved – Ars Technica

Zoom in / Detail of the ethernet ports on an Asus DSL-AC88U router, taken November 30, 2017 (Photo by Olly Curtis/MacFormat Magazine/Future via Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Asus guided users around the world took to the internet To report that their device suddenly froze for no apparent reason and then, upon frequent reboots, stopped working every few minutes as the device ran out of memory.

Two days later, the Taiwan-based hardware manufacturer finally responded to requests for help. Company outage He said, was the result of “Error configuring server settings file”. After fixing the bug, most of the users only need to restart their device. Should the issue not be resolved, the company’s support team has advised users to save their current configuration settings and perform a factory reset. The company also apologized.

It’s been a frustrating couple of days for many users as they try to troubleshoot. Asus’ silence during that period added to the frustration.

“This is a bunch of BS. Why doesn’t Asus provide some kind of statement to explain what’s going on?” one user complained.

Asus still hasn’t provided details about the configuration error. Several users have provided explanations online that seem correct.

“On the 16th, Asus pushed a corrupted profile to ASD, a built-in security daemon found in a wide range of their routers,” one person says. books. “Because the routers were automatically updating and fetching the corrupt profile, I started running out of file system space and memory and crashed.”

The explanation answered the question of why routers malfunction, but raised a new question: Why were routers affected even when they were configured not to update automatically and no manual update was performed? Asus has yet to address this, but a likely answer is that the ASD definition file, which is in memory and scans devices for security threats, updates whether or not automatic updates are enabled.

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The long and short stuff is that the 48 hour mystery surrounding malfunctioning Asus routers is now solved and the issue is resolved. We now return you to your normally scheduled internet usage.

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