It looks like Valve is getting ready to sell refurbished Steam Hardware

Valve may sell revamped Steam decks sometime soon. SteamDB database generator He tweeted on Monday About the “Certified Refurbished” Steam decks on all three storage offerings, Maestro Wario64 deals on Twitter Screenshots of listings shortly after (via gizmodo). Unfortunately, as I’m writing this, the Wario64 links are redirecting to Steam’s main landing page, and it doesn’t look like the links have been around for very long.

If Valve’s revamped Steam Decks go on sale at the prices shown in the Wario64 screenshots, you’ll make some nice savings on the prices of the new ones:

However, we don’t yet know how Valve’s “certified refurbished” Steam decks might differ from completely new hardware. If Valve puts these cheaper steam decks on sale and you want to buy one, just know that it may have flaws or flaws that you won’t find if you buy a new one. Valve did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable way to get your hands on the Steam Deck, I think these refurbished units could be a very good deal. I love my Steam Deck, and if you’re at all interested in getting one, I highly recommend it. It was launched in a bit of a rough state, but as my colleague Sean Hollister said earlier this year, it’s ready now.

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