Is this the world’s first video unlock on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Samsung has not yet officially announced a release Galaxy S23 series, but both Specifications revealed. Information about a file pricingAnd Pre-order offersAvailability has also been leaked over the past few days. Now, a new video has surfaced on YouTube, claiming to be the world’s first unlocked Galaxy S23 Ultra.

a Video from YouTuber Agrawalji Technical pretend show Galaxy S23 Ultra and its upper packaging. The entire video is quite dark, and it’s hard to tell if the phone is the Galaxy S23 Ultra or its predecessor, as both phones look so much the same. However, some enthusiastic Twitter users, Including Tipster Ice UniverseI’ve pointed out things from the video that make the whole video look fake. Although the serial number and IMEI of the phone shown in the video is for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it can be easily faked.

The antenna line is visible on the metal frame of the phone in the upper right part of the device in the video. However, responsible Press presentations to unveil the Galaxy S23 Ultra The antenna line should be at the top left section. Ice Universe pointed out that the font on the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s box in the video is thinner than Samsung’s official font. It seems like a weak attempt to pass Galaxy S22 Ultra Like the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The box appears to have been printed using a phone rendering and some photoshop skills.

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 +and Galaxy S23 Ultra on February 1, 2023, and the phones will be available for pre-order on the same day in some countries. some markets See the price increase compared to the Galaxy S22 series, while others do not. Samsung has already started Accept pre-registration for upcoming smartphones.

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