iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16: Comparison of 15+ Rumored Upgrades

After more than a year of reports, there are now more than a dozen specific rumors about the features and improvements that the two non-Pro iPhone 16 models are set to offer later in 2024.

All the changes that the ‌iPhone 16‌ models are expected to feature compared to their immediate predecessors are listed below, using information from a range of reliable sources we've covered previously. We will update this article as more rumors emerge in the coming months.

This guide focuses on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16‌, but to learn how we expect the iPhone 16 Pro to improve over the iPhone 15 Pro, check out our other comparison article.


The iPhone 16‌ and iPhone 16‌ Plus are expected to largely carry the design of their predecessors, meaning they will have the same dimensions. The most obvious change that will mark the new models is said to be a vertical rear camera arrangement to facilitate spatial video capture, but the removal of the mute switch in favor of the action button introduced in last year's Pro models and the introduction of the all-new 'Capture' button will also be significant changes.

iPhone 15 iPhone 16
The rear camera array is arranged diagonally A vertically arranged rear camera array to support spatial video capture
Ring/silent switch start button
“Capture button” to launch photography and video features
iPhone 15Weight: 171 grams
iPhone 15 PlusWeight: 201 grams
iPhone 16Weight: 173 grams (+0.01%)
iPhone 16 PlusWeight: 203 grams (+0.01%)

Chip, memory and connectivity

The ‌iPhone 16‌ models are rumored to benefit from a moderate improvement in processing power thanks to an all-new A18 chip with a more powerful neural engine to support exclusive generative AI capabilities. We also expect a 33% increase in memory and Wi-Fi 6E support.

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iPhone 15 iPhone 16
A16 Bionic chip (TSMC “N4P” optimized 5nm process) A18 chip (TSMC “N3E” enhanced 3nm process)
16-core neural engine The neural engine is equipped with “significantly” more cores to support new AI features
6 GB memory 8GB memory (+33%)
Wi-Fi connection 6 6E Wi-Fi connection

Batteries and charging

The ‌iPhone 16‌ models could receive some major improvements in battery and charging technology, sporting denser batteries and faster charging capabilities. It is worth noting that it is rumored that the ‌iPhone 16‌ Plus will have a smaller battery than its predecessor, but it is not clear how this will affect the actual battery life.

iPhone 15 iPhone 16
Single layer battery technology Stacked battery technology for increased energy density and long life
iPhone 15: Battery with a capacity of 3,349 mAh
iPhone 15 Plus: Battery with a capacity of 4,383 mAh
iPhone 16: 3,561 mAh battery (+6%)
iPhone 16 Plus: 4,006 mAh battery (-9%)
Wired charging up to 27W Up to 40W wired charging (48% faster)
15W charging via MagSafe 20W charging via ‌MagSafe‌ (25% faster)

Other features and changes

The ‌iPhone 16‌ models will likely receive several camera improvements, such as Apple Vision Pro's spatial video capture. While many Apple devices are rumored to receive a series of new AI-based features via software updates later this year, the ‌iPhone 16‌ models are expected to take these features even further with exclusive capabilities facilitated by a more powerful neural engine in the chip. A18 and upgraded microphone.

iPhone 15 iPhone 16
More efficient OLED display with brighter micro lens technology
Spatial video capture
Upcoming support for new AI features in iOS 18 Upcoming support for new AI features in iOS 18, in addition to a host of device-exclusive AI features
microphone Upgraded microphone with improved signal-to-noise ratio and water resistance, designed to support new AI features
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release date

The ‌iPhone 16‌ and iPhone 16‌ Plus are expected to be launched in the fall. Apple usually hosts an event every September to unveil new iPhone models, with the launch taking place just over a week later. For more information on the ‌iPhone 16‌ models, check out our comprehensive report.

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