iOS 16 Lock Screen: How to customize the iPhone

Header update with iOS 16 Ability to create custom lock screens. Follow a live overview on how to create a custom iOS 16 lock screen on iPhone, from widgets, fonts, photos, new wallpapers and more.

Comes with iOS 16 First Developer Beta Launched after Apple’s WWDC keynote address. The next major software release for the iPhone includes simple features for news, announcements, photos, mail, Safari and more.

However, the new custom iOS 16 lock screen feature will attract a lot of attention. This is the most supported customization we have seen from Apple IPhoneIt creates all the work it did when it introduced the widgets and some of its sleek Apple Watch faces on iOS 14.

iOS 16 is currently available as a developer beta. The free public iOS 16 beta is due in July. Learn more Installing iOS 16 in our full guide.

iOS 16 Lock Screen: How to customize the iPhone

  1. After installing iOS 16, Long press on your lock screen
  2. If you use old wallpaper, you will need to create a new one to create a custom lock screen
  3. Tap Blue + icon In the lower right corner
  4. To see all the options, select the wallpaper from the best category or just swipe down
  5. Tap + Icon under time To select widgets
    • Recommended widgets are at the top, with additional choices according to the category below
  6. Tap Time to customize the font And color
  7. To add a widget above, tap Date
    • Choices include calendar, clock, exercise, reminders, stock and weather

Here is a direct overview of the process:

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Tap the “Customize” button on the old wallpaper and you will be asked to continue and add “New”.

Photos can be sharpened with the new lock screen and you can set your photos to rotate with the “Photo Shuffle” wallpaper.

iOS 16 Lock screen2

In the lock screen space below you can add up to 4 small widgets, 2 small and 1 medium or 2 medium widgets.

The fastest way to add widgets is by tapping on them, but you can drag and drop them if you want to get more specific space.

iOS 16 Lock screen 3

Tap the time to customize its font and color. Swipe right-to-left to reveal more color options and full color palette for a completely custom hue.

Custom iPhone lock screen

You can also add 1 widget to the first day / date section and tap it to select.

Custom iPhone lock screen1

To zoom in and out, tap the three-point icon in the lower right corner Tap Done In the upper right corner of the finish.

On the main page of the lock screen customization, you tap Attention Below to connect a specific one with a specific lock screen.

How Do Lock Screen Widgets Work?

Once you put the widgets on your lock screen, you will receive live data whenever you view it. However, like home screen widgets, they are not directly interactive, so tapping on them will take you to a related application (calendar, weather, reminders, etc.).

How many iOS 16 lock screens can you create?

At any time you can tap Customize to edit the lock screen or tap the blue + icon to create a new one.

Not sure how many lock screens you can create, but I’ve created 21 so far.

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How to replace lock screens

Like the Apple Watch faces, once you have multiple lock screens, it is easy to switch between them by long pressing on your lock screen and swiping to select another one.

How to remove custom lock screens

To remove custom lock screens, long press one and select “Delete Wallpaper” below.

Remove the lock screens

Lock screens and battery life?

The new weather and astronomical wallpapers on iOS 16 are very interesting, but they require location access (which is updated every 15 minutes) which can affect your iPhone’s battery life.

Astronomy and weather wallpapers

How do you expect to use the new iOS 16 lock screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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