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If you have trouble accessing Instagram right now, you are not alone. Reports Across the Internet (Downtidetector, Reddit) Notice the problems with using just the meta’s images, many people viewing the screens as if they are not logged in, after the first few images of messages such as blank image posts, brand new account “Welcome to Instagram” or stop loading feeds. Many Margin Employees see similar issues when trying to access Instagram.

It does not appear to have acknowledged any issues so far from Instagram, Facebook or their parent company. The crash does not appear to be connected to any specific area, and other services are still active. Network Disruption Trackers on Netblocks Have noticed Instagram’s “intercepted” issues are happening internationally, but nowhere seems to be a widespread blockade.

Instagram’s sample malfunction news
Image: Instagram

We didn’t see anything either Instagram Inactivity Status News It started testing shortly after Massive Facebook network crash last year Let users know about any major technical issues affecting the operating system or its features.

We’ll be in touch with Instagram and meta issues, and will update this post as more information becomes available.

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