Inside Amy Schumer’s new shows gutted from Paramount Plus

the Paramount + bloodbath Another group of victims. Last week, the streaming company joined (HBO) Max, Disney+, and Hulu in not only canceling shows but in going all-out scorched earth and completely wiping them out of existence. monday evening, Delivery time Additional list of removed titles mentioned, incl Inside Amy Schumerwhich was in the middle of its campaign for the Emmys for its fifth season Aired in the fall of 2022.

In addition to Inside Amy Schumer (which won a Writers Guild Award earlier this year, by the way), Paramount+ has also been purged From the cradle to the stage (Documentary series directed by Dave Grohl), thrilling anthology Tell me a storyDocumentary series Ghislaine: Partner in Crimeand a whole host of Nickelodeon series: All in with Cam Newton, Allegra’s Window, Pekka Bunch, Bella and the Bulldog, Crashlets, Digby Dragon, Fresh Beat Band, Halo Effect, Legendary Dudas, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Mott & Stuff, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Down, Peter Rabbit, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Ride, And forces. films fantasy football (starring Marsai Martin and Kelly Rowland) W snowy day (a comedy musical starring Rob Hebel) was also removed.

The reason behind the takedowns, here and elsewhere, is the tax break streaming services can get Thanos biting their own original series. Why there is such a tax loophole for content that has been written, produced, and released (even only for a short period of time) is something Hollywood might want to consider, as this increasingly popular transition from streamers has introduced a new level of instability to the industry. Cancellation is bad enough; Now creators must worry that their work will disappear forever, often without any way to access it again.

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One might think that this cold-blooded financial decision You may begin to alienate the artists that the banners employ. Take Amy Schumer, for example, who called MTV Entertainment Studios her “home base” and poured into working with Paramount+ Hollywood Reporter in November 2022. “I hope we get another season,” she said at the time. “They had a very light touch and just gave us support. They were the perfect partner, which is why I’m like, ‘Come on guys, what if we do that again?'” Apparently not.

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