Indian election results 2024 live: Modi lower than predicted

Delhi elects only seven MPs, but winning the Indian capital rewards a party because it is the seat of power and the city where Parliament is located.

Mr Modi’s NDA alliance is leading in all seven seats, according to early trends.

In 2019 too, BJP won all the seats and captured Delhi. But, this time it was expected to be a very lively competition.

Just weeks before polling began in mid-April, Delhi’s popular chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was arrested and jailed on corruption charges.

Copyright: Team Kejriwal

Image caption: Arvind Kejriwal before returning to jail on June 2

Mr Kejriwal has accused the government of making false cases against him since he defeated the BJP thrice in the Delhi state elections.

Last month, the Supreme Court granted him bail so that he could campaign for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He returned to jail on June 2 after polling.

In his campaign rallies, Mr Kejriwal exhorted his supporters to vote for his party.

But if the early trends are anything to go by, it may not be good news for the Delhi Chief Minister.

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