Independent publisher Versus Evil has closed

After nearly 10 years, game publisher Versus Evil has closed its doors just days before the holiday.

per production head Lance James, “the entire Versus Evil team” was laid off earlier today. The choice was out of their hands, according to James.

“The entire 13-person company was laid off at the beginning of our Christmas break,” the product strategy manager added. Francis Finke. It was his statement More verification by Other former employees.

After a brief period, versus evil She officially confirmed the news, saying that she loves “Fetch [players] The best indie games we could find. […] From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything!”

Ten years of working at Versus Evil

Versus Evil was founded by ZeniMax alum Steve Escalante, and its first release was Stoic's The banner saga From 2014. Besides the sequel to that game, the publisher has released other indie games in its lifetime.

It was the publisher Acquired by Tinybuild In 2021, it continues as a “free publishing label”. Its games for 2023 include Night guard And Broken roads.

As of the time of writing, Tinybuild has not yet commented on Versus Evil's closures, or what will happen to unpublished projects that were scheduled to be published.

The game developer has reached out for comment, and will update when a response is provided.

Update: This post has been updated with official word from Versus Evil on social media confirming its closure.

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