In preparation for the sale, Reddit is shutting down third-party clients

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Reddit is the last place on the web where relevant information can be reliably found on any topic: you’ll usually find it by Googling with the term “reddit” or “” in your query. This user interface, bizarre and fragile as it turns out, stands in condemnation of what Google has become otherwise, and pays homage to what Reddit still is: easily indexable, searchable human content largely free of ads, sponsorships, Amazon reference lists, and SEO. – Improved chatter and the rest of it. for people who king Reddit, though, those are it worst things about her. Poultry should be fattened for this They are being sold, and that means being brought into the form that the rest of the modern web and app ecosystems have taken.

Reddit, the 18-year-old news aggregation and social networking site, is demanding Developers pay thousands of dollars to directly access company data and content, a move that could help attract a more diversified revenue stream.

The company, which first revealed plans to go public in late 2021, is asking developers to pay $12,000 per 50 million orders, according to a post by the creator of a popular third-party app called Apollo. The developer said the number was “deeply” disappointing.

“Apollo 7 placed 7 billion orders last month, which would put them at about $1.7 million per month, or $20 million per year,” the developer said in a Reddit post about the change.

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to deal with it once Reddit (or Google, honestly) kills the third party reddit search scams. It’s about the last thing on the internet where 1) UX works for my mind on the internet at the end of the millennium and 2) mass information gathering rather than custom/custom web industry.

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