Imagine the Dragons showing support for writers during the WGA hit by performing at Netflix Picket Line – Deadline

Imagine Dragons, in solidarity with the writers’ strike, appeared on a Netflix picket line in support of the book.

Dan Reynolds and guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon performed impromptu in front of Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles. The duo performed songs like “Radioactive” and “Whatever It Takes”.

Watch the Imagine Dragons performance video shared on Twitter by Jennifer Gross.

As the second week of the WGA strike continues, the Imagine Dragons have joined a host of celebrities showing their solidarity with the writers.

Appearance of Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live The host canceled due to the strike but the actor showed up in Brooklyn to hand out pizza. book Ted Lassoas well as star Jason Sudeikis, joined the picket line outside Warner Bros. to express their support.

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In a frequent show of support, Jay Leno joined the writers in Los Angeles to hand out cupcakes.

Tom Hanks recently weighed in on the writers’ strike during an encore CBS Morning.

“The entire industry is at a crossroads, and everyone knows that,” he said. “The financial engine has to be completely redefined. And there is a certain degree of pie here that needs to be distributed equitably by the people responsible for the content — not the people making deals on the content, the people who actually make it.”

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He continued, “And the first of them are the writers. We don’t have scripts without writers. And then the directors come. We don’t have comics without directors, and the actors are coming too. So there has to be some sitting. And for the greater good of the arts and sciences, show business, like brains has to Come down and be fair, and believe it or not, kind of a win-win situation.”

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