I’ll admit it: I love Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and I have had a complicated relationship. And it’s not really a relationship. It is also not very complicated.

I met him once. I’ve never met him, and I’ve never spoken to him on the phone. In 2016, he called me out for my analysis of the issues with the Packers, warning the public not to They waste their time reading crap like that. In 2021, I vehemently objected to his “I’ve been vaccinated” verbal games with journalists.

But that’s all in the past. It’s water under the bridge. Days ago days ago. Currently, I love Aaron Rodgers.

Yes I said that. I love this guy who plays for the Jets.

he is happy. It’s loose. He loves his teammates. He loves the game. He is acutely aware that he is reaching his last football orbit around the sun.

Is it a verb? At first, I thought he was overdoing it as the middle finger of the Packers front office. Now, I think he’s really happy with the direction his life and his career have taken, and it shows.

Maybe it was a change of scenery. Maybe it was for hours in a dark closet. Whatever the case, the new Aaron Rodgers is just as beloved as Fred Rogers.

Chris Sims and I discussed the dynamic on Thursday BFT Live. People can change, grow, and evolve. Rodgers did. Maybe I have too.

Regardless, I find myself wanting to see him and the Jets do well this year. I know Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots fans might not appreciate it, but I can’t help but feel the way I feel.

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I feel very differently about Aaron Rodgers now than I did a long time ago. Of course, he might feel the same way he always did about me. But that’s fine. It is hardly the first, and not the last.

Moreover, why is it required that we not love people who hate us? These “I’ll be nice to you if and only if you’re nice to me” things should end. It’s okay to be nice to those who haven’t been nice to us, and to love those who don’t love us either.

Right now, I love Aaron Rodgers.

Maybe it was something you ate.

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