Ikea sends lawyers after an independent developer to make a horror game about a furniture store

Ikea has issued a cease and desist order to an independent horror developer insisting on changing the unreleased horror game in an effort to prevent pressure and gamers alike from comparing it to its global furniture series.

Store closed What we told you about two weeks ago – An amazing combination of The Forest (which recently saw the postponement of “Sons of the Forest”) and the monotony of everyday life, and comes from independent developer Ziggy.

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Although it does not use any of Ikea’s products, names or trademarks, Ikea believes the developer is infringing its copyright and has sent New York legal firm Fross Zelnick. Thus, Ziggy – who is based in the UK – has ten days to make changes or face legal action.

“IKEA lawyers contacted me about The Store is Closed,” Ziggy chirplink article in Kotaku.

“I was going to spend the last week of Kickstarter preparing an update for all the new alpha testers. But now I have to completely revamp the look of the game so I don’t get sued.”

When asked if he intentionally designed the store or its contents with IKEA in mind, Ziggy said, “I bought generic furniture asset packs to make this game.”

Ikea is not convinced, though.

“Your game uses a blue and yellow sign with a Scandinavian name in the store, blue boxy building, vertical yellow T-shirts identical to those worn by Ikea personnel, gray path on the floor, furniture that resembles Ikea furniture, and product signage that resembles Ikea signage,” the legal papers insist. . “All of the above immediately indicates that the game is taking place in the Ikea store.”

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The lawyers also argue that even when the gaming press does not make direct contact with Ikea, readers have: “Furthermore, many comments by readers of these stories make the association with Ikea stores,” the letter states.

For those keen to learn more about The Store is Closed, Ziggy has created a profile Kickstarter Page, and is set to launch for PC, Xbox Series XS and PS5. Could you Put it on your wishlist now on Steam.

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