If you like lines and graphic design, go to a classic car show

picture: Daniel Goulson/Jalopnik

It can be difficult to convince the non-car enthusiasts in your life of this Spend a few hours on the weekend at a car show, especially if it starts before 9am (even I have a problem with that). Although it may be tempting to grab brunch with friends afterwards, the idea of ​​spending even 30 minutes surrounded by cars doesn't bother you and… Nerds are very annoying About her is not exactly attractive.

There is one way to get a friend or significant other to join you at a car show, especially if they are a fan of graphic design or art in general. Old cars Rich with incredible tidings, lines and logo designs, where each era and country of origin is usually easy to deduce just by reading the nameplates. Tons of different cars it even has Special lines Especially for this model, great graphics can be found even on More modern vehicles.

I recently went to Macensima, a new car show in downtown Los Angeles that focuses on classic Italian cars, and there were countless examples of great typography. Let us know in the comments what yours is Favorite car decals That is, and if you can successfully convince your loved ones to enjoy cars through a different lens.

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