“I wouldn’t be in it if they gave me a million dollars.”

Cher recently criticized the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for excluding her from inductions over the years.

During an appearance Friday on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the 77-year-old singer noted that she was not honored with admission to the music museum. Cher addressed the disdain while discussing her new song “DJ Play a Christmas Song,” which recently topped Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart.

After Clarkson pointed out that Cher was the only musician to have a No. 1 hit in seven decades, the Grammy winner pointed out that she and the Rolling Stones actually share the accomplishment.

“Two of us did,” Scheer said. “It took four of them to be one of me.”

“And I’m not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” she added, and Clarkson and the audience reacted in shock.

Cher recently criticized the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for excluding her from the inauguration. (Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images)

“Wait, are you serious?” Clarkson asked.

Cher broke her dating rule when Alexander “E” Edwards asked her: “I did what I said I wouldn’t do!”

“I’m not kidding you,” Cher said. “I was about to say something else. I was about to say——you! You know, I wouldn’t be in it now if they gave me a million dollars.”

She continued: “I will never change my mind. They can only find out for themselves.”

“Can I say something else?” Cher asked. “You changed music forever with ‘Believe.’”

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Cher’s single “Believe” was released in 1998 and became a global hit, reaching number one on the charts in over 23 countries. “Believe” was also the first hit song to feature Autotune, an audio processing tool that changes the pitch of a singer’s voice.

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“Believe” popularized the use of Autotune and has been credited with changing the sound landscape of pop music.

Cher smiles softly in a plaid coat in Paris, France

Cher and the Rolling Stones are the only two artists to have had hit songs in seven decades. (Edouard Berthelot/Getty Images)

Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Missy Elliott, George Michael, Rage Against the Machine, Kate Bush and The Spinners are among the 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. The concert took place on November 3 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Dolly Parton, Eminem, Duran Duran, Pat Benatar, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon and the Eurythmics will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022.

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Artists become eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first commercial recording.

The honorees, voted on by more than 1,000 artists, historians and music industry professionals, “each had a profound impact on the sound of youth culture and helped change the course of rock ‘n’ roll,” said John Sykes, chairman of the board of directors. From the Rock Hall in a statement.

Cher performs at Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

Cher recently released her first holiday album titled “Christmas.” The release was also Cher’s first album of original music in ten years (Ralph Bavaro/NBC via Getty Images)

Parton made headlines after saying she was “so flattered and grateful to be nominated,” but did not feel she had “earned that right” to be recognized as a rock artist over other performers. As a result, she wanted to “bow down respectfully.” But by then, ballots had already been sent to voters.

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In response, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that they would not back down, explaining that the organization “is not defined by any one genre.” They noted that it has deep roots in country music, as well as rhythm and blues.


The “Jolene” singer later said she would accept her inauguration after all, if it came to fruition.

“My belief has always been that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is for people in rock music, and I’ve recently discovered that’s not necessarily the case,” she explained. NPR.

“…I felt like I was going to take away someone who probably deserved it, certainly more than me, because I never considered myself a rock artist,” she added.

On October 20, Cher released her first ever album, “Christmas”. The release was also Cher’s first album of original music in ten years following 2013’s “Closer to the Truth.”

Fox News Digital’s Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.

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