How to install the hall-effect joystick on Switch Joy-Con

I have two sets of Joy-Con controllers, and they both suffer from analog stick drift. If you’re lucky enough to have avoided it (for now, at least – it comes to all of us, I think), it’s when your wand loses accuracy and sometimes registers movement even if you don’t move it. Drift occurs when both of the wand’s sensors are worn out from use to the point where even a recalibration within the Nintendo Switch system settings can’t save them. Given how close we are to a release date The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tearsthis is not ideal.

Hall effect joysticks are the answer to that problem, and a company called GuliKit sells replacement Joy-Con sticks for about $27 per pair on amazon. They claim to be drift-resistant due to the reliance on magnets to send input signals, rather than needing the wand to physically rub against the sensor to register motion. It is not a new technology. Sega used it for a Dreamcast console, and both GuliKit and 8BitDo make some great Switch consoles here that have it as well.

I’m recommending them here because I recently purchased a set and replaced my Joy-Con sticks. Not only was it fairly easy, but it solved my problems instantly. Even better, the kit linked above sold by Amazon and Aliexpress includes all the tools required to open the Joy-Cons (plus replaceable joystick tops if you want a different look). However, note that opening the Joy-Con It will likely void its warrantySo proceed at your own risk. If you are not experienced in unlocking your own technology, or are eager to learn, I recommend that you stop reading and Just contact Nintendo To see if the company will repair your Joy-Cons, especially if you own a Nintendo Switch Lite (this process is a lot more involved).

If you need help with the process, I’ve written a guide for the edge (With great photos from Verge photographer Amelia Holowatty Krales) on how to get it out everyone Joy-Con components for a case swap for cosmetic purposes. Some of this information isn’t critical for this job, so I’ve distilled the most important steps involved in installing the stick here.

How to replace Joy-Con controllers

After removing the four Y00-type screws that hold the case together, slide the opening slot around the edges of the Joy-Con to open it up.Photo: Amelia Holowatty Krales

Gently remove the battery, and try to keep the adhesive free of dust so that it will retain some stickiness when you reinsert the battery later. Next, unscrew the black plastic cover that is secured with two J00 type screws. Store it carefully, then lift the plastic to reveal the main board.Photo: Amelia Holowatty Krales

You can now access the analog stick housing. On the left Joy-Con shown here, it’s the square metal piece near the top, next to the shoulder buttons.Photo: Amelia Holowatty Krales

Gently loosen the two screws holding the wand, then lift the small black latch securing the short ribbon cable before pulling it out. Screw the GuliKit stick into place, attach its ribbon cable, push the black latch to secure it, and then reassemble the Joy-Con by following this gallery in reverse.Photo: Amelia Holowatty Krales

This image shows the inside of the right Joy-Con, which has a slightly different design. However, the steps to access and install the joystick are similar.Photo: Amelia Holowatty Krales

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