How stolen Airpods helped a Ukrainian track down Russian forces

  • A man told Insider that his AirPods disappeared from his apartment in Ukraine during the Russian occupation.
  • The man, Vitaly Semenets, used Apple’s “Find My” feature to track them in a region in Russia.
  • The apparent path of the devices is in line with the path believed to have been taken by Russian forces.

A Ukrainian man said he was tracking the location of his AirPods for evidence of Russian troop movements after his apartment was looted during the occupation of his city.

Vitaly Semenets told Insider that he used Apple’s “Find My” feature to track his AirPods, which were taken from his home near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and found to be in Russia’s Belgorod region, across the border with Ukraine.

“They were somewhere in Russia,” he told Insider, adding that this surprised him so he decided to post on Instagram about it.

Semenets said in a message Post on Instagram.

Vitaly Ciments sent a screenshot from Apple to Insider "find" The feature that shows his AirPods are in Russia.

Vitaliy Semenets sent Insider a screenshot of Apple’s “Find My” feature, which he says shows his AirPods were in Russia.

Vitaly Semenets

Semenets told Insider that he and his family left Hostomel in the first few days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and traveled to Mukachevo in the west of the country. He said he returned to his hostel home on Saturday after neighbors who had stayed in the city sent him videos showing his apartment had been ransacked.

Hostomel is located northwest of Kyiv, in terms of Russian forces Withdrawal started Earlier this month, after six weeks of fighting, they failed to capture the capital.

Semenets, who told Insider that he alerted Ukrainian intelligence about the movements of his AirPods, said the Find My feature showed it was last activated on April 9. . Semenets said the devices have not updated their site since then.

Semenets said his AirPods website reflected what he was hearing from Ukrainian authorities about Russian troop movements. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that Russian forces have Started a new attack In Donbass, a region in eastern Ukraine on the border with Russia.

Semenets also discovered that some of his other electronic goods were missing, including his Nintendo Switch and his Microsoft laptop. He said he was unable to track those devices.

Semenets sent pictures of his home to Insider, describing it as “severely damaged.” He said that his wife’s car was also damaged by the bombing in the city.

Vitaly Semenets his house in Hostomil, Ukraine was plundered by Russian forces.

Semenets said his home in Hostomil, Ukraine, was looted during the occupation of the city by Russian forces.

Vitaly Semenets

Vitaly Semenets his house in Hostomil, Ukraine was plundered by Russian forces.

Semenets said his home in Hostomel was ransacked.

Vitaly Semenets

The car of Vitaly Semenets' wife was also damaged during the Russian bombing of Hostomil, Ukraine.

Semenets said his wife’s car was damaged during the Russian bombing of Hostomil.

Vitaly Semenets

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said earlier this month that Russian forces were looting the homes of Ukrainians Selling some stolen goods in Belarus. Leaked CCTV images indicate that some troops sent items such as washing machines, laptops and e-scooters to their families in Russia, The Times reported,.

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