‘House of the Dragon’ ends with a severed head and a huge misunderstanding

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Episode 8 Dragon House.

It’s a tense and awkward family reunion during episode 8 Dragon House Titled “Lord of the Tides,” the entire family gathers in Westeros to decide who will be the next lord of the Driftmark and head of House Velarion. All the drama and arguments came to an end the headWhen Waymond Valerion, the brother of the sea serpent, said something no one should say.

Strongly opposed to Rhaenyra’s sons being the heirs to the throne, Wymond said, “Gods be damned, I won’t see it through… Her children are bastards! She’s a whore!”

I will have your tongue for that,” said King Viserys. Before he could stand up, Daemon (the king’s brother) cut off the top half of Waymond’s head cleanly and said, “He can hold his tongue.”

The daemon unexpectedly and shockingly cuts off Waymond’s head Dragon House Fans live, so there were a lot of comments on Twitter from viewers praising Damon:

However, the fans’ joy was short-lived, as the episode ended with King Viserys, on his deathbed, confusing Princess Rhaenyra and telling Princess Alicent that she believed in the Ice and Fire prophecy “The Prince That Was Promised . . .”

“It’s you,” Viserys tells Alicent, who assumes it’s Rhaenyra. “You’re the one. You’re the one who has to do this.” In Viserys’ mind, he tells Rhaenyra that he believes she The one who unifies the kingdom and leads the Targaryen line. However, Alicent thinks that King is speaking to her and is referring to their son, Aegon II, as the heir to the throne.

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Confused? A preview for next week’s episode had Alicent saying, “He told me Aegon wanted to be king.” And so this small, but huge, misunderstanding leads to a dance of dragons and epic drama next week.

Dragon House Airs on Sundays at 9 PM HBO.

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