House Flipper 2 needs the attention of every Animal Crossing and HGTV fan

It's notable to see a smaller game with time to grow into something special. when sky's House Flipper It arrived in 2018, and looked more like a house flipping game than a simple cleaning game. Although major updates and DLC have added more and more to do over the years, it's been a piecemeal experience. In contrast, House Flipper 2which arrived earlier in December, is a pretty solid toy right out of the box.

While the first game dabbled in voice acting or dialogue options, House Flipper 2 It uses narrative elements to full effect in order to immerse the player. You'll play a returning resident of Pinnacove, a small coastal community that has seen better days. With the help of an old friend named Tom Marino (who contacts you via your smartphone), you set out to become a complete house driver, getting your name out to the townsfolk by cleaning, emptying, and renovating surrounding homes and businesses. Cove. All of these functions, which are emailed to the city dwellers' in-game laptop, are what helps you learn all the tools and menus the game has to offer. After you have a few jobs under your belt, you can unlock the ability to completely renovate and sell homes (a returning feature from the first game), in hopes of attracting some picky home buyers from the area by catering to their needs. (it is not House huntersBut it's close!)

While similar to the original House FlipperEmpyrean has expanded the gameplay for Part II with several great quality of life changes that make using tools easier and more integrated within the UI. First previewed in The final DLC for the original game, House Flipper 2The hero advantage is Protection mode It gives aspiring flippers a complete set of construction tools to build a home from the ground up. The mode also allows players complete creative freedom to design their own missions for their custom homes, which can then be shared all over the world House Flipper 2 location.

Images: Frozen District, Empyrean/PlayWay via Polygon

You don't need to have played House Flipper Not at all for entry House Flipper 2. If you are someone who loves unloading, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Heaven is a happy home DLC, or just an HGTV enthusiast, this game offers a lot of bang for your buck, allowing you to show your creativity in a low-stress way. Even if you're struggling with an interior design idea, the game allows you to experiment as little or as much as you want, even providing suggested color swatches for work assignments or pre-made palettes for customizable furniture pieces. You are never judged on your design skills, instead you are just asked to help other residents with their homes.

I'm hardcore House Flipper I found its sequel to be a very engaging and compelling update to the franchise rather than a rehash of the original. But getting used to such massive changes was a bit of an adjustment; While the depth of customization is huge, long-term players may find that the size of the actual catalog so far is quite limited. This is also exacerbated by the fact that House Flipper 2 You are not allowed to use personalized content from other users yet. I need more rugs! I can't live without my beautiful rug!

Despite having an improved set of tools, I still found myself struggling to design and decorate in certain ways. The biggest problem I had was how the elements interacted with each other; Moving items as a group can sometimes be tedious, and placing items inside other items is almost impossible. It would be great if I could have a bowl full of hand-picked fruit in the kitchen, or maybe even select items individually to move as a unit without putting them on the countertop. However, a lot of this seems to be resource constraints for a smaller development team, which will hopefully be added in the future.

Although I encountered some bugs and a bit of discomfort as I progressed through the game, I consider it an acceptable trade-off when it comes to being deeply engaged and happy with something I've waited a long time to play. Empyrean has earned my loyalty in the past through numerous community-driven improvements and DLC that expand the base game in a very compelling way. I have no doubt that this is another game that the development team will be quietly building on for years to come, ensuring that I will always return to Pinnacove.

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