Horizon Forbidden West is being bombed on PS5 and PS4 for no reason

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It wouldn’t be a major video game release without embarrassing behavior for players. Forbidden horizon west Disproportionately negative comments have been collected on Metacritic Overnight, and while it still maintained a consistent overall user score, it was clear that the 0/10s series was starting to look deceptive. Many of you may remember Our Last: Part 2middle Eye-catching social media scandalfalling into the same fate.

Of course, there’s no targeted campaign against Aloy’s sophomore outing – it’s just people’s silliness. “Probably the biggest disappointment in a while,” one user wrote of the Eighty Hours or so game, less than 24 hours after its release. “I had very high expectations. The story is cute and unimaginative, the gameplay is very boring. Even the graphics that were praised are disappointing. I really drop the ball here.”

After the aforementioned The Last of Us saga: Part 2, Metacritic has pledged to make changes to its user points system, in order to prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately, it seems that two years later nothing has really changed. Of course, for sure. we Everyone knows that a user score on the website is a complete waste of time, but it may still affect less engaged players – and it looks like the Horizon Forbidden West rating will take a big hit.

Of course, the title is not without criticism – the platform is tough and there is a problem in your usual open world – but we Liked the title in general in our review: “Any little quirks that we melt when we launch the game on all cylinders. It’s a great, super fun RPG, there’s nothing else like it.” If you’re just getting started this weekend, be sure to check out our site Horizon Forbidden West guide For any help.

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