Hollywood Brown: Sometimes I felt like crows didn’t really need me

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Receiver Marquis “Hollywood” Brown will see his former team and teammates this weekend when the Cardinals host the Ravens. The Cardinals traded for Brown and a third-round pick on the night of the draw for the 23rd overall pick.

Brown insisted on Wednesday that he had nothing against his former team but needed to play elsewhere.

It’s about happinessDarren Urban crossed from the team site, Brown said. “I want to feel like I’m part of something that can be won. In the Ravens, I felt like sometimes they really didn’t need me. No matter if I was there or not, they would win matches.

“I like the game very much. I want to participate.”

The Cardinal will definitely need him, especially in the first six matches when DeAndre Hopkins Commentary serves. Brown met his former classmate at the University of Oklahoma Keeler Murraywhich helps in its transmission.

“There will always be increased pain in the first year with the offense,” coach Cliff Kingsbury said. “But as we have said all along, his knowledge of crime based on his college experience definitely helps, and his comfort level with the midfielder is great. I expect by week one he will understand what we are trying to achieve.”

Brown, who has declared his hamstring at 100 per cent, will not play on Sunday as he continues to come back. But he will be ready for the first week and what is expected to be a season break after collecting 91 passes for 1,008 yards and six touchdowns in 16 games last season for Baltimore.

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“When I’m between the lines, I’m ready,” Brown said.

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