Here’s what the Toyota Hilux looks like after a million miles

the Million miles mark It seems to be the goal of each toyota truck What is with you. At least in theory, and of course after that maximum speed The famous one who tried to kill A Toyota Hilux but to no avail. the Legendary durability Of those enthusiasts bond Toyotas through make and model year—not to mention segments like full-size, mid-size, and Everything in moderation. before Tacoma For the first time in the United States, the Toyota Hilux simply sold out Toyota Pickup or the name of the truck. And if you want to see how long it lasts Hilux Really is, check out Mileage hike reviewsLatest video of the third-generation Toyota Hilux with 1 million miles.

MILLION MILE HILUX – Single Owner 1980 Toyota Hilux High Mileage Revision

In the video, the narrator explains how this single-owner 1980 Toyota Hilux has been battered by time, and proceeds to blast its way through four decades of use. Well, it’s been 43 years to be exact during which the Hilux has seen motorsport competition rally up and down the West Coast.

The truck’s roll cage is a testament to its days as a rally machine, and the rust eroding its planks comes from years of pounding salty beaches. The overall condition of the truck isn’t great, but a million miles tends to do that for a car—especially since the truck has lived as hard a life as it can get.

The point is, the Million Mile Hilux is as far from garage queen as it gets, which only adds to how radical the truck is. As in, the Toyota still drives after all this time, and it’s still a hard-working workhorse 40 years later, having been leased by the same owner who kept it for more than four decades.

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That’s not to say the truck didn’t run into problems, nor did it see major mechanical work: The truck’s original 20R engine was replaced with the legendary 22R engine that increased the 0f displacement in the truck four from 2.2L to 2.4L. The engine swap wasn’t after a catastrophic powertrain failure, but as a way to get more power out of the truck. Knowing how the 22R engine under stress makes it seem like the 20R must have yielded, say, a slow pace, which explains the trade-off.

The engine swap was complemented by a transmission shift, from the original four-speed manual to the five-speed. Even though major components of the truck have been replaced, the changes do little to reduce the amount of completion to reach the million-mile milestone. But my favorite part is the hard-wearing steel wheels that the truck wears. It’s okay to swap the engine and transmission, as long as the Hilux can keep those wheels.

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