Here are all the abilities of Gekko, the newest initiator of VALORANT

Valorant Developer Riot Games has revealed the abilities of Gekko, an upcoming creature-wielding agent that is set to be released soon.

Gekko is the initiator who will take out the competition with the help of his buddies – and we don’t mean his teammates. Gekko is a unique minion that possesses several creatures named after his abilities that he uses to flash, trap, and harm enemies.

there for Valorant Gekko abilities.

vertigo (E)

Image via Riot Games

Gekko outfits Dizzy and launches her into the air. Dizzy charges and then unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Blind enemies infected with plasma.

When Dizzy is finished, it reverts to a sleeper ball that Gekko can pick up for another charge after a short cooldown.

wingman (x)

Image via Riot Games

Gekko equips Wingman and shoots him for enemies. Wingman fires a concussive blast at the first enemy it sees.

Gekko can use alternate fire to send Wingman to either defuse Spike or plant Spike. Gekko must have the spike in his inventory to use the Wingman as a planter. Gekko can retrieve Wingman after a short cooldown.

mesh hole (C)

Image via Riot Games

Gekko equips the Mosh Pit and can throw the projectile down with alternate fire or throw it normally with regular fire.

Mosh repeats upon landing and explodes after a short delay across a wide area, much like a KAY/O bomb.

Thrash (X)

Image via Riot Games

Gekko prepares a thrash and aims it at the enemies. Activate it to dash and explode, which stops enemies. After Thrash expires, it can be picked up for another charge after a short cooldown to use again.

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Gekko is scheduled to be shown at VCT LOCK // IN while the official release of Proxy is announced on March 7th.

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