Henry Cavill will not be returning to The Witcher despite losing the role of Superman


Henry Cavill He won’t return as Netflix’s Geralt of Rivia hit”the magicianthough it was lost Superman A role after the DC Extended Universe changed.

“We can confirm there have been no changes to The Witcher Season 4,” Netflix told CNN in a statement on Friday.

Peter Friedlander, head of series scripts in the US and Canada at Netflix, first addressed the decision to continue a fourth season with Liam Hemsworth as the lead during a wide-ranging set. diverse Interview published Wednesday.

“Henry is an extraordinary Geralt and I think Liam will continue to be an extraordinary Geralt,” said Friedlander.

He added that he was confident the casting switch wouldn’t change the show’s popularity, because “there’s been a legacy of great, iconic characters as the cast has changed and we’re very optimistic about that. We’ll continue to honor the IP, the fans, and the storytelling all the way through.”

Cavill announced his departure from “The Witcher” in October, days after it was revealed Reenact the part of Superman. He told fans at the time that he was excitedly passing the torch to see Liam take on this more cool and refined man.

While the British actor hasn’t given a reason for his exit, it’s been widely speculated that he left the Netflix series to commit to his return as Superman, the DC Comics character he first portrayed in the 2013 movie “Man of Steel.” He even makes a cameo appearance as Superman in the mid-credits scene at the end of “Black AdamDC movie starring Dwayne Johnson.

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However, things took an unexpected turn this week when it was revealed Cavill would never wear the red cloak again after being dropped from the role. Writer-director James Gunn, who joined DC Studios as co-chairman with Peter Safran in October, has confirmed plans to write a new Superman movie that centers on a younger version of the superhero. (Like CNN, DC Studios is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery)

β€œIt’s sad news for everyone. After all, I’m not returning as Superman,” Cavill said wrote on Instagram Wednesday. “Having asked the studio to announce my return in October, prior to their appointment, this news wasn’t the easiest, but that’s life. A changing of the guard is a thing that happens. I respect that.”

The news has reignited calls for Netflix to recast Cavill instead of letting Hemsworth take over, with one fan tweeting: β€œ@netflix so could you turn Henry Cavill back into Geralt for #theWitcher because he’s not Superman anymore… I don’t hate on Liam Hemsworth but the chain will be stock without Cavill.”

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