Heat Raptors fight: Miami’s Caleb Martin suspended for one game, Toronto’s Christian Colocco fined $15,000

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NBA announced Sunday evening who – which Miami Heat Striker Caleb Martin has been suspended for one match Toronto Raptors Big man Christian Colocco has been fined $15,000 for his role in a brawl that occurred during Saturday night’s match. The League also announced that Nikola Jovic, the Heat striker, was suspended for one match after leaving the bench during the brawl.

The altercation occurred during the third quarter of Miami’s 112-109 home win over Toronto on Saturday, when a foul on the ball by Martin led to a skirmish that extended into the stands. Martin and Koloko tangled up while going to bounce, and Koloko seemed to reach out to catch Martin as he fell to the ground.

Martin didn’t take it well, as he then stood over Koloko in a frightening manner. When Koloko got up from the ground and wrapped his arms around Martin, the Heat striker went straight into a form interference that landed both players in the first two rows of stands. Several players from both teams followed suit in what turned out to be an amazing spectacle.

After a formal review, Martin was assessed as a personal error, while he and Koloko received technical errors and expulsions. Penalties for any other player have not been evaluated.

Things like this tend to happen from time to time in the NBA, but this one was especially scary because it spilled over into the stands. You never want to see fans in danger with players getting into an argument, and luckily no one seems to get hurt in the brawl.

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Now that the league has issued a sanction for the incident, both teams can now move forward from this brawl.

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