‘Harry Potter’, ‘James Bond’ and ‘Cracker’ star Cannes 72 – Deadline

Favorite Scottish actor Ruby Coltrane He passed away today at the age of 72, and his agent has confirmed it to Deadline.

The Harry PotterAnd the James Bond And the cracking The star is in a hospital near his home in Larbert, Scotland. The award winning actor has been in poor health for the past two years.

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Coltrane, the bigger-than-life comedian, memorably played Hogwarts game guard Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter series.

It is very popular like PotterHalf-giant/half-magician, he gained worldwide fame and acclaim for his intimate performances and his on-screen relationship with Daniel RadcliffeHarry Potter.

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In the UK, Coltrane memorably conquered television screens as forensic psychologist Dr. Edward “Fitz” Coltrane in the murder drama series. cracking, for which he won three consecutive BAFTA Best Actor Awards, an honor matched only by one other actor, Michael Gambon. He was also nominated for BAFTA for Channel 4 drama National TreasuRe and BBC Scotland Kind of sweets called Tutti Frutti.

The actor has also given memorable performances in films including runaway nunsAnd the Mona Lisa And the Ocean 12.

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Co-starring in James Bond films golden eye And the The world is not enoughIn which he played Valentin Dmitrovich Zhukovsky, a former KGB agent turned ally of 007.

Coltrane Anthony Robert Macmillan was born on March 30, 1950, in Rotherglen, Scotland. He took the stage name Coltrane in his early twenties in honor of jazz musician John Coltrane and co-produced Byrne’s stage production of Balata boys. Early film roles included Flash Gordon And the Mona Lisa Before it appears on the small screen in Kind of sweets called Tutti Frutti and then Blackadder III. He also played the Pope in the 1991 comedy The Pope must die.

cracking A hit in the ’90s, Coltrane was a hit Harry Potter For the first time in 2001 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (entitled Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone outside the United States). According to reports, J.K. Rowling had Coltrane at the top of her list to play Hagrid, and when asked who she’d like to see in the role, she answered “Ruby Coltrane for Hagrid” in a quick breath.

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He was awarded an OBE in 2006. He is survived by two children.

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