Hannah Einbender weighs in on Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue — Deadline

Hacks star Hannah Einbender It is the latest evaluation Dave ChappelleThe now famous monologue from Saturday’s class of Saturday Night Live. While NBC Remaining mum on the ramifications of the comedian’s appearance, Einbender took to social media to admit that “yes, Chappelle’s monologue was laced with anti-Semitism” and added that he “did it brilliantly”.

“He used a genius technique: two truths and a lie,” the two-time Emmy nominee wrote on her Instagram story. What I mean by that is that bigoted people often polish their bigotry to a point of truth. They’ll tell you two great things, and then slip into the lie, because they’ve earned your trust with two great things they’ve told you. So, in his case, ‘the truth’ is good jokes. He had some The powerful jokes in that group. I laughed at them. The laughter allowed people to miss the reaffirmation of the conspiracy he had sprinkled in. No one who laughed at the strong jokes would be willing to admit there was anti-Semitism in that monologue, because that admission would then qualify them as complicit. No One wants to feel like a bad person. The truth is, non-Jews are not very aware of anti-Semitic ideas, metaphors, rhetoric etc. So when Jews say hey, there was anti-Semitism out there, people go, ‘You’re so sensitive. Learn to take a joke.'” Because no one wants to feel like they’re bad people, they put the spotlight on the Jews by telling us we’re imagining things.”

“The danger here is that Dave Chappelle, and every other comedian who thinks their amplification of bigotry is just free speech, are seen as tellers of harsh truths, and so anyone who criticizes them is seen as snowflakes,” she continues. “I invite you to reframe the narrative. These men who pick on marginalized groups are the institutional bullies who reinforce the status quo — not at all a comedian’s job. It’s the people who speak out against them who are telling the truth.”

Einbender plays Jane Smart’s writing partner Hacksproduced by Universal Television, a division of NBCU and NBC’s sister company, which broadcasts Saturday Night Live. Emmy award winning comedy HBO Max.

Chappelle’s monologue on November 12 included commentary On Kanye West, Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving and Anti-Semitism. It has infuriated the Anti-Defamation League, whose national director wrote on social media: “We should not expect @employee To serve as a moral compass for society, but it’s disturbing to see @employee Not only normalization but also generalization # AntisemitismWrote ADLJonathan Greenblatt. Why are Jewish sensitivities denied or diminished at almost every turn? Why shock us applause? ”

Tuesday, Chappelle’s monologue was addressed by Jon Stewart By telling Stephen Colbert, “I don’t think censorship and sanctions are the way to end anti-Semitism.”

Dave said something SNL The monologue which I thought was also constructive which is “It shouldn’t be hard to talk about things”. Stewart said: And that’s what we’re talking about Late Show. “Punishing someone for having an idea I don’t think is a way to change their mind or gain understanding. I’m afraid the general point of conversation in this country is to cover it up, bury it, put it on the outskirts, and not deal with it.”

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