Hands-on photos of the Pixel Watch before launch, show edges

What you need to know

  • A Reddit user managed to grab a Google Pixel Watch before launch.
  • The images show the photorealistic images of the next Google smartwatch.
  • New promotional material confirms Fitbit integration, including a six-month subscription.

The Pixel Watch is one of the most awaited products to be launched from Google, which will be launched this week along with the Pixel 7 series. We have seen many Leaks Regarding the product, from pricing to promotional materials etc. However, a few days before launch, a new leak from a Reddit user shows how the google pixel watch It will appear in real life, where they managed to get it before launch.

The Reddit user He posted several hands-on images of the upcoming Pixel Watch that showcased the smartwatch in all its glory. Includes opening the retail unit box and unveiling the contents of the box next to the width of the various belt bands. We’ve already seen the Pixel watch in shows and recently in a file Leaked promotional videobut this is one of the few times we’ve seen her live on someone.

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