Hamas broadcasts dramatic video showing hostages it says were killed by Israel: “We tried to keep them alive”

On Thursday, the military wing of Hamas released video footage showing three Israeli hostages allegedly killed in Israeli air strikes, holding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responsible for their deaths, saying: “We tried to keep them alive.”

the video Qassam Brigades releases appear to show Ron Sherman, Elijah Toledano, and Nick Beiser alive in captivity before they were killed.

The bodies of these three men were recovered by the Israeli army in Gaza last week, according to the website Kan News Agency.

Besser and Sherman, both 19 years old, were IDF soldiers who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 from their posts. Toledano, 28, was kidnapped from the Supernova music festival with his girlfriend, Mia Shim.

Elia Toledano appears alive in a video released by Hamas on Thursday.Al-Qassam Brigades

The planner was released during a week-long ceasefire last month.

Bezer’s mother and sister called on the Israeli government not to distinguish between male and female hostages when they were negotiating the original ceasefire, saying they wanted him back home “just as we want the women and children.”

Sherman’s parents were interviewed while in captivity, and they recall communicating with their son, who suffered from severe asthma, on the morning of October 7.

His final message was simply: “It’s over.”

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