Halloween endings will be released today and date on Peacock and in theaters

Halloween will come fairly early for theatergoers and Peacock subscribers when Halloween Ends for both begins on October 14.

according to The Hollywood Reporterpaid subscribers to the streaming service will be able to watch the final chapter of the replay trilogy right away.

Jamie Lee Curtis will return for the last time as Laurie Strode for one last showdown with Michael Myers. Curtis, who has played the iconic character for more than four decades, said, “I’m so proud of our latest movie Halloween Ends and how it brings the saga to a fitting conclusion.”

Director David Gordon Green said last year that Halloween Ends is “a love letter to franchise creator John Carpenter.”

The film is the thirteenth addition to the beloved horror series, but it follows the continuity established by 2018’s Halloween, the first installment in the reboot trilogy. The three new films ignore all the others except for the original 1978 film.

Halloween Ends takes place four years after the second movie in the trilogy, Halloween Kills, which was also released in Day and Date, October 15, 2021. IGN rated the movie 7/10, saying, “Halloween Kills offer deliciously gory kills and nods to the classic.” The original John Carpenter, but still looks like half a movie.”

Watch all the movies from the beginning with the original Halloween of 1978 and the sequel to Halloween of 2018, which got 9/10 by IGN.

Michelle Galbert is a social coordinator and freelance contributor to IGN.

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