Gwyneth Paltrow trial live: Coop mogul wins $1 compensation as he whispers final message to sky crash accuser

Shay Sanderson accuses Gwyneth Paltrow of neglecting her father in mountain ski accident

Jurors in Gwyneth Paltrow’s bombshell trial found her not at fault in the 2016 ski crash.

The case dragged on for years after retired optometrist Terry Sanderson, 76, raised allegations against Ms Paltrow in a 2019 case. On February 26, 2016, Mr Sanderson said the Hollywood star crashed into him on the slopes at the luxury Deer Valley resort near Park City, Utah.

On Thursday, jurors returned a verdict in favor of Ms Paltrow after two hours of deliberation, awarding Ms Paltrow a symbolic $1. They found that Mr Sanderson was 100% at fault for the skiing accident, seeking $300,000 in damages.

Mr Sanderson alleged in court that the collision had left him with a permanent traumatic brain injury, robbing him of his “joy in life”.

During closing arguments on Thursday, Mr Sanderson’s lawyer, Lawrence Buhler, said jurors should award his client $33 for every hour he has suffered cognitive impairment since the accident seven years ago, and is expected to live for another ten years.

Meanwhile, defense lawyer Steven Owens told the court his client had been a “punching bag” throughout the proceedings for Mr Sanderson and his family.


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Gwyneth Paltrow’s accuser’s lawyer uses the equation that the actor should pay the client $33 an hour – a total of $3.2m – for injuries sustained in a ski accident.

But despite his arguments, jurors found Terry Sanderson “100% at fault for the accident.”

Andrea Blanco31 March 2023 08:00


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Gwyneth Paltrow was acquitted of all wrongdoing in a US case brought by retired optometrist Terry Sanderson in a 2016 skiing accident.

Mr Sanderson sued Ms Paltrow seven years ago after a collision at a Deer Valley ski resort in Utah left her with multiple broken ribs and severe head injuries.

She denied the claim and accused Mr Sanderson of bumping into her, which resulted in her losing “half a day of skiing” with her family and suffering an “injury”.

Jurors on Thursday apportioned “100%” blame for the crash to Mr Sanderson and found him responsible for Ms Paltrow’s injuries.

They compensated the actress with a “symbolic” counter-rights of one dollar.

Ms Paltrow and Mr Sanderson, who gave evidence during the trial, were present in court for the verdict.

The actress was wearing a blue blazer, white shirt and brown trousers and did not react as the verdict was returned, but took a deep breath.

As she left the courtroom, she touched Mr Sanderson on the shoulder and whispered something to him.

He had previously said he was “deeply sorry” for his ill health following the incident, but said he was “not at fault” and was a “victim”.

Mr Sanderson’s lawyers had previously recommended the jury award him more than three million dollars in damages in the case.

Andrea Blanco31 March 2023 06:00


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Gwyneth Paltrow not at fault in ski collision, jury finds

The decision comes after two weeks of complex testimony by neurologists and brain injury experts for both sides. Eyewitnesses, Deer Valley employees, Ms Paltrow’s children Apple and Moses and Mr Sanderson’s daughter also testified under oath.

The ruling effectively awards Ms Paltrow a token $1.

Andrea Blanco31 March 2023 04:00

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