‘Growing pessimism’ Kyrie Irving will play again for the networks

9:10 pm: The meeting between Silver and Irving will take place on Tuesday morning in New York, Stein Tweets.

4:01 pm: according to Mark Stein in SubstackThere is growing pessimism in various corners of the league Keri Irving ever to play Networks again.” Irving is currently suspended Unpaid Brooklyn and must meet Six requirements Before returning to court after promoting an anti-Semitic film on social media.

As Stein wrote, some close to the process feel that the list of conditions “was drawn up with the knowledge that Irving was unlikely to complete all six, and thus could subject himself to possible full release.” Director general Sean Marks I mentioned on Friday that nets have Is not considered Irving waives, but that may change if he doesn’t meet the team’s requirements.

Sources told Stein that Irving is expected to meet with him Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, early Tuesday. Silver issued a statement Last week about Irving’s “reckless decision” and his failure to provide an “unconditional apology” condemning “the despicable and harmful content contained in the film he chose to publish.” Irving at the end I apologize After he was suspended, but chose not to participate in two combative media sessions with reporters before then.

While the events leading to his suspension were by far the most damaging of Irving’s career (and the most damaging to others), he missed more matches (129) than he played (111) for the Nets during his four years in Brooklyn. He was injured in the first year, during the 2020/21 season he missed the team for several weeks for personal reasons, then last season he was limited to 29 matches after he refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which he played. important factor in James Harden He requested a deal – and is being dealt with – to the Sixers in February.

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During the hiatus, he tried to find a deal with the Nets’ permission, but was unable to find any buyers, so he eventually chose the $36.9 million player option for 22/23. All of this led to an internal conflict with the organization, culminating with his final suspension.

former stein mentioned That “strong voices” were telling the owner Ju Tsai to reconsider employment Im Odoka To replace Steve Nash as a head coach. That hasn’t happened yet, but Stein says Odoka “believes he is the preferred option” for Marks and star striker. Kevin Durant.

In other news related to Udoka, sources told Stein that it was Udoka who was suspended For the season the Celtics cast after investigating his inappropriate relationship in the workplace, he was forced to forego nearly half of his $4 million salary as part of the suspension. The Celtics declined to comment on the financial details of the comment.

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