Google Play Points Gold members and above can get 40% off the Pixel 8 series and Pixel Tablet

according to 9to5GoogleOpening the Play Points page from the account menu and heading to the Perks tab will bring up a banner displaying the promotion. Play Points members at Gold, Platinum or Diamond levels can access the deal through Click on this link. Click the “Redeem” button and sign in to your Google Account that is a member of the Gold, Platinum or Diamond tier of Google Play Points. Bronze and Silver members are not eligible for the discount.

If you recently earned a Gold membership, Google says you’ll have to wait a few days to become eligible for this deal. With discounts, 128 GB Pixel 8 The price has been reduced from $699 to $419.40 and 128GB Pixel 8 Pro Reduced from $999 to $599.40. With promotion, 128GB Pixel tablet Reduced from $499 to $299.40.

Pixel Points users start with a Bronze membership and earn one point for every dollar they spend on an in-app purchase, paid app purchase, or sign up for a subscription. At the Silver level, users collect 1.1 points for every dollar spent and this continues to rise depending on which level you belong to. To become a Gold member and qualify for the discount, you must have 600 points.

Once you click the “Redeem” button and log into the promo, you need to select the device you want. Whatever your choice is final and cannot be changed. A Google Store promotional link/code will be generated allowing you to complete your purchase.

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Offer lasts until December 31, 2023 or while supplies last.

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