Gonzaga rallies, avoiding Michigan state annoyance on the flight deck

Coronado, California – Drew Tim He likened it to the feeling of playing hoops in a park as a kid, only this time on the flight deck of one of the world’s most powerful warships.

Timme No. 2 Gonzaga led in a spirited comeback from a 12-point delay, finishing 22 points and 13 rebounds, as the Bulldogs beat Michigan State 64-63 Friday night over the USS Abraham Lincoln at North Island Naval Air Station.

“It’s definitely something different,” said Timmy. “It’s something you don’t experience every day. I think growing up playing in the garden is something that helped us. And look, they had to play on it too. … It wasn’t the prettiest game to watch but it was just putting your nose in Dirt and keep going and don’t stop and I thought it was a real test of our determination and heart and I think we did a good job answering the bell today.

Timme gave Zaggs the lead twice in the final 2:27. His inside shot made him 63-61 by Malik’s Hall He answered with a hook to tie it. Zags scored just one point, when Timme made the second of two free throws with 1:51 left.

Gonzaga Julian Strother He was called to travel with 31 seconds left and the state of Michigan Jaden Akins He missed the 3 despair indicator just before the bell.

Spartans coach Tom Izu said, “Gonzaga is who Gonzaga is because they’re really good. But they have a proper guy. Down the stretch of that guy, he just did. That’s what he’s supposed to do.”

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“I want to feel good about the place, the fans, the veterans and the way our team played, but how good do you feel when you lose a game when you lead it for 30 minutes? It’s hard to do.”

Timme had tied at 55 with a 3-point game and Bolton tied it again at 59 with a big 3-pointer.

Strother scored 13 points and nine rebounds Nolan Hickman He scored 10 for Gonzaga (2-0).

Michigan State is a big man Maddy Sissoko He scored 10 of his 14 points in the first half but made his third foul early in the second half and didn’t make much of an impact the rest of the way.

The Spartans led (1-1) 45-33 three minutes into the second half before Tim Wiggs led 11-0 to spend 45-44. Timmy did a spin, he made a free throw, and then he was fed Racer Bolton To jump the baseline to close within three points. Ifton Red IIISlam got the Zags to 45-44.

Tyson Walker He provided a corner kick just before 12:10pm to break MSU’s five-minute drought.

Timme’s 3-point play tied at 55-55 and then Bolton’s 3-point shot tied it at 59-59 with 3:54 left.

As impressive as he was overall, Timme made only 4 of his 10 free throws and could have given Zaggs a cushion late in the game.

The game was played 11 years to the day after North Carolina’s victory over Michigan on the deck of USS Carl Vinson at North Island NAS, with then-President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle watching from the side of the field.

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The teams wore camouflage uniforms with the USA on their back. Shortly before the start of the second half, fans rose to retreat from the flag at sunset. The crowd of 3,000 people consisted mostly of sailors from the aircraft carrier as well as fans from both teams.

Michigan State led 38-31 in the first half largely on Sissoko’s strong indoor game strength of 6-foot-9. Sissoko had three peace strokes in the final five minutes of the half, including an alley pass from AJ Hoggard. His last two dives helped the Spartans take control. Michigan has been hit by successive robberies, which makes Ezo surely pump his fist.

Neither team was afraid to make three-pointers and each team took a shot from behind the arc in the first two minutes. The wind seemed to affect only one of the three-point shots as the devious six-level tower and scoreboard blocked most of the wind off the Pacific Ocean.

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