Gisele Bundchen was picked up at the airport by Joaquim Valente after the Brazilian vacation

Model Gisele Bundchen

No need for Uber after the Brazilian Vacay…

Joaquim Valente got me!!!

Forget Ubers and Lyfts… Model Gisele Bundchen She got a ride home from the airport Friday morning from her jiu jitsu instructor, Joachim Valente – further fueling rumors that the two are indeed an item.

Tom BradyHer ex walked into Miami International Airport around 4:45 a.m. after a vacation in Brazil…and Valente was waiting for her on the dock as soon as they landed.

Gisele quickly threw his bags into the back of his truck… before hopping in the front seat. Then the duo took off.

Although no PDA – it’s hard to ignore the signs that they are definitely a couple. The two were spotted On Costa Rica vacations mostly over the past few months…the one they’ve been seen on Riding horses together And playing around At the beach together too.

Despite this, the two have never publicly admitted that they are dating…but the early morning airport pickup seems to be saying all the mouthless words.

As for how Brady feels about it all… it’s unclear – but we do know he’s doing his best to move on, rowing with the form Irina Shayk in Los Angeles last month.

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